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ABODDE is a new company formed to deliver affordable, modern and energy efficient housing to the UK market. Its first designs featured at the Grand Design Show in October 2015 at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

The UK housing market is in urgent need of more affordable homes and our approach to off site production is the way to deliver, saving both time and money for the customer.

The homes are carefully designed pre fabricated timber eco homes that are highly sustainable, fast to erect and extremely adaptable. The building concept responds effortlessly to the occupant’s requirements however varied.

It can be personalised from the outset, but can easily change to meet individual tastes and preferences over time. Its simplicity means it can be effortlessly extended, extruded or doubled up.

In addition the homes are designed to be very energy efficient and are known for their fire resistance and zero carbon status.

Abodde is based in Windsor in Berkshire.



Abodde Project View

Abodde works in partnership with an architectural design consultancy, Gilbert and Crick, and sources the units from factories in Europe. The homes are designed in conjunction with our architects and are built off site in a factory production line process.

The homes when completed are delivered by road for installation. The homes will need connection to power supplies, water, gas and electricity and external finishes such as brick or timber cladding will need to be fitted.

The main advantages of Abodde homes are the customisable design, speed of build, lower costs, lesser use of trades’ people, and the options for exterior finish.

Our Abodde Long Houses start from £199,000 and are completely finished includes full kitchen & bathrooms.


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