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Our Long Houses are a unique timber frame design and provide affordable housing that arrives in sections ready to assemble. We supply all types of development including housing associations, housing trusts and council housing, as well as privately funded developments and standalone units. All components are built within a factory.

We have a standard single storey Long House unit. The unit is 966 square foot or 107 square meters in area. It has 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms one en suite design with fitted kitchen, flooring and carpeting throughout. It can be built in the factory in 4 weeks and takes a further 4 weeks to deliver, assemble and install. The customer just needs to supply the site and location.

Each is on the cutting edge of living green by utilising a range of technologies to increase energy efficiency and re-use valuable resource. At the same time these properties offer the high standard of comfort, proving that living with an environmental conscience does not have to mean living without comfort.

We are open to land partners, joint ventures, smaller developments of 1 to 3 units; starter or self build homes and retirement or semi retirement units. We are willing to work alongside major home developments.

A Longhouse or Long House is a type of long, proportionately narrow, single room building built by peoples in various parts or the world including Asia, Europe, and North America. Many were built from timber and often represent the earliest form of structure in many cultures.

We offer our unique Long House design in Timber Frame Construction (TFC). Timber framing or "post-and-beam" construction are methods of building with heavy timbers (posts and beams) rather than dimensional lumber such as 2×4s. Traditional timber framing is the method of creating structures using heavy squared-off and carefully fitted and joined timbers with joints secured by large wooden pegs (larger versions of the mortise and tenon joints in furniture). It is commonplace in wooden buildings from the 19th century and earlier.

TFC is versatile and offers speed of construction and can be weather proofed within days. It requires little in the way of wet trades and allows easy routing of mechanical and electrical items after timber frame completion. It is highly insulated, has low heating costs, good acoustic performance and can be crafted to within fine tolerances. It combines traditional joiner based timber frame construction and state of the art manufacturing technology.

Further more should you so desire we have working relationship with Loxone and are able to link with them to make your home a Loxone Smart Home – see loxone.com

The great thing about a Loxone Smart Home is that you can choose exactly what you’d like to automate. The system can control just your lighting or heating, for example, or alternatively, it can manage your whole home – from multi-room audio to intelligent electric car charging.


Approximate 12 week build time. Reserve your build with a £2,000 deposit to begin the ownership process

Our architects would work on behalf of us to make sure all quality standards are met, and obtain necessary planning and building regulation consents.

We can discuss requirements with you, and provide a free quote including cost, timescale to build the unit in the factory and a delivery date for the house to be installed. Simply contact us for more details.


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